Thankfully, it turns out HERMES is a trickster…

Hi Michael
As the faculty approval forms have been done by paper (for this round), Hermes will not be updated to show that the reports have been received. I can confirm that your application is now complete and there is nothing [else] required for you to complete.
Kind regards
[Study Abroad Office]

A few days after my previous post, I checked HERMES again to find that it was still showing “Not attempted” regarding my faculty approval form, so I decided to e-mail the Study Abroad Office to try and find out what was going on. Before this, I thought I was going to go through the whole process without actually making contact with the people handling my application. I imagined myself turning up to the compulsory pre-departure session and seeing other exchange students-to-be being greeted individually by the Study Abroad Office staff…and then I walk in, to be greeted with “Sorry, this meeting is only for students going on exchange” *shuts door*. I guess I am pretty lucky to know others who have gone, and who are going, through the same process; if I didn’t, my e-mails to the Study Abroad Office would probably be getting marked as potential spam by now. Back to the point, the reply to my e-mail can be seen above –the Study Abroad Office has received my faculty approval form, and my HERMES application is now complete…completely complete…nothing more to do…finished once and for all! :)  

But now the waiting begins. If everything goes according to plan, I shouldn’t hear anything about my exchange application until sometime in September. I had always thought the waiting period seemed like it would be frustrating and unbearable…but here I am, writing this blog, 1 day in…and I am fine :o . There will actually be a lot going on over the next two months to distract me from the fact that I still don’t know if I will have the opportunity to go to Japan…well, when I will be going to Japan :p. In particular, semester 2 of University starts in a week time, and if it is anything like how fast semester 1 went by, I should be checking my e-mail to see HERME’s verdict of my application in no time :) . I just realised something…my birthday is in September…what if I received the outcome of my application ON my birthday…that could either be great or really depressing/crushing/destroy-all-happiness-on-birthday, depending on the outcome :O. Speculation and optimism aside, there really is nothing I can do to speed things up, especially when the Study Abroad Office includes this statement on some of their e-mails: “PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US REGARDING THE OUTCOME OF YOUR APPLICATION”. I cant imagine how annoying students have been in the past if they have to include that on their e-mails today…and in caps! So all I can do now is wait…set aside my plans to contact the Study Abroad Office by e-mail, phone, mail and fax daily until September…and wait. ちょっと待ってください!

What will I do to pass the time? As mentioned, semester 2 is right around the corner, and I hope to slip into crazy-Japanese-study mode sometime soon because I really need to lift up my Japanese level if I am planning to survive in Japan. And I *do* want to survive :P . I also want to get higher marks in my Japanese classes at University this semester; last semester I managed to increase them slightly, but I would like to lift them higher to maintain at least a distinction average. 頑張る!

I am not sure how often I will post from now until September because if UWA sticks to their word, I should have nothing to post about! But if anything interesting does come up, I will be sure to blog about it – I need to have something to do when I am supposed to be studying :P .

Until then,

- Michael/マイケル