The day that I have been planning for and writing about for months has finally arrived; today my journey begins to Japan, and tomorrow my student exchange at Kansai Gaidai will begin. In fact, as I am writing this I am already one flight down; half way there. At about 4pm I departed Perth for Singapore, and now I am sitting at Singapore’s Changi airport after wandering up and down Terminal 3 trying to figure out where I am supposed to get my next flight. My next flight isn’t until 1am, so it seems that only one information board is showing flights that far ahead…an information board half way down the terminal from where my flights departure gate actually is. :O But hey, I needed to kill some time anyway, my flight is still about 4 hours from now!

My flight from Perth wasn’t bad at all, in fact it seemed to go by pretty quickly. I watched the latest Resident Evil movie, and then District 9; two movies that I had never gotten around to watching when I actually had time to :P After watching the movies I thought it was time for some Japanese practice. Admittedly, I did not end up doing as much study before leaving for exchange as I had hoped to, so I thought I had to redeem myself by bringing some study materials along with me to do in between and on flights. The in-flight entertainment system had a "language learning" feature, and thankfully for me it had Japanese, so I didn’t have to rummage through my bag on the floor to get out the stuff I brought with me to study ;) Now you may be wondering why I put "language learning" in quotes. Well, I was going to sit here and applaud myself in writing for getting 100% in every section, :P , but it was really basic, so just mentioning that takes *some* credit away from my achievement. But hey, anything to boost my confidence in speaking Japanese right before I go to Japan can only be a good thing, right? Ah, if only learning a language was as simple as pressing a few buttons on an in-flight entertainment system’s controller :) That reminds me, I need to practice writing hundreds of kanji before the Japanese class placement tests next week :O

Anyway, as I sit here I am already glancing around to see if anyone looks like they could be going to Kansai Gaidai. It sounds pretty stupid since my criteria is just "young, University-age looking person on the same flight as me", but hey, if they are travelling alone like I am, they are probably doing the same thing. Kansai Gaidai recently e-mailed students saying that if we arrive at the airport before 9am, staff wont be there yet to greet us, so I am hoping that by the time I arrive a group of Uni-looking students have already formed in an easy to find area. So, you know, I could just subtly nudge my way in to avoid hours of wandering around the airport getting lost. At this point in time I actually have no idea where I am supposed to go because I forgot to re-read the e-mail with the details before I left for the airport today…so if I cant find a place to check my e-mail before my flight to Osaka, then I will have to rely a little too much on finding the aforementioned group of students standing around :/

Oh, a little update about my speaking partner! My partner’s name is Haruka, and we have e-mailed each other a few times already so we can get to know each other before we meet. She seems really nice, and we both want to help each other practice the languages we are learning, so hopefully this means I wont be stuck in the situation I have been joking about in my past blog posts. In the very least it is a good sign, right…right? :)

Photo on 2011-01-29 at 06.16
Ok I just embarrassed myself trying to take a picture to include with this blog post…sitting parallel to a travelator probably isn’t the most discreet spot…SNAP. Ok done. Damn, someone just walked past and gave me the "you just took a picture of yourself while doing the peace sign" look. Thankfully they didn’t fit my criteria of a Kansai Gaidai student, so hopefully I wont run into them again. :) What does one say to someone who could be a Kansai Gaidai student? If they know what Kansai Gaidai is then, great, I could possibly have a travel buddy, but if they don’t, then they could be like "What is a Kansai Gaidai?…Are you insulting me?". Ok ok, they probably wouldn’t go that far, but it could be a little awkward for at least one of us.

Anyway, I should probably stop my tired, Singapore Airport ramblings here. I am going to go and walk around for a bit, maybe buy a snack of some sort if anywhere accepts Australian money, and then come back to practice writing some kanji. If I don’t go and walk around, I think I could easily lay down on this chair and go to sleep…Oyasumi!…Wow, just as I wrote that I looked straight ahead of me to see a man doing just that…no, I must stay awake if I want to get any sleep on the plane. Walking around it is! Jya!!

*I would like to also point out that I feel surprisingly calm for someone who will be living in another country for half a year. Maybe it is because I am tired….great, the women next to the man who is asleep is now asleep herself haha… I think at this point my only concern is how cold it is going to be in Japan. Even with my not-as-much-as-I-hoped study, I’m not really worried about the Japanese part at the moment. Just the cold. I nearly went to put the blanket over me on the plane because the air conditioning was becoming really cold, but I thought I should instead use the opportunity to try and prepare myself for the snow, cold conditions that await me…so I left it off. ;) With that said, I now think I am going to freeze when I walk out of the airport in Japan if I cant even handle a plane :O. And now I have realised I should have packed a little more cold weather clothes… /End ramblings.

On a final note, my adventure in Japan is well and truly nearly here…and I cant wait to start it! Open-mouthed smile