The economic bubble has burst, and Pokémon has become the only escape for Japanese youth in a society of overbearing adults who insist on preparing them for a Japan Inc. society that no longer exists.
Meanwhile Japanese youth products have taken the world by storm, becoming one of the few success stories to come out of an economy seemingly stuck in a downward spiral. The older, ‘salary man’ generation couldn’t be prouder, hyping this achievement using the catchword Japan’s ‘Gross National Cool’.
But while such products have become household names in foreign lands, Japanese youth are pressured to ignore these distractions and continue to work towards blowing life into the old bubble. Those who can’t can become lost. Those who accept that society is actually changing, play.

Please note: This is a work of fiction, created to convey ideas about significant shifts occurring in Japanese society today, and the problems arising from these shifts. The above synopsis exists only to provide a context for the film’s storyline, and may not be an entirely true representation of actual events unfolding in Japan in recent times.
My journey towards exchange in Japan is certainly on track, and the whole experience ahead of me seems to be becoming more and more ‘real’ as each day goes past. My application to Kansai Gaidai has been submitted through their online system and physically through UWA’s Study Abroad office, which I will talk about in more depth in a later post. In addition to this, the Pre-departure Session held by the Study Abroad Office is right around the corner, just over two weeks away on the 27th of October.

The last few weeks have been extremely busy with tests and assignments due. I even started an assignment a day earlier than I usually would…a significant step for someone who would usually self-diagnose themselves with a severe case of procrastination syndrome Smile with tongue out.  

But in the midst of these crazy past few weeks I was able to be a part of something extremely fun with a bunch of great people! The film above is the result, and I am happy to say that each one of us is really proud of what we achieved in such a short time! Open-mouthed smile Last week we had to do a presentation at University during a tutorial for our ASIA2217: Shifting Identities in Japan unit, and because it was going to be the final tutorial for the semester, we wanted to do something unique and fun to end the unit on a high note. In previous weeks, groups had used PowerPoint presentations to present their topic’s ideas and initiate discussion, so we knew we were probably going overboard with the amount of effort required to convey our own topic’s ideas through film. But I can honestly say the experience was worth it. 3 days of filming and over 11 hours of editing provided the unique twist to our presentation that we had hoped for, as well as some great memories and a whole lot of ‘blooper’ footage that will more likely than not resurface sometime in the future. With that said, I hope you can take the time to check it out, and if you do I, and I am sure the rest of the crew, hope you enjoy it! Smile

And now to the other point of this post. I am proud to announce that Japan Inc. to J-Cool: The DocoDrama is the first video uploaded to my blog’s official YouTube channel, MaikeruInJapan! Surprised smile *the crowd goes wild**clapping sounds* Open-mouthed smile I wont be able to resist recording at least some video during my 6 months in Japan, so I have decided to share what I do record with all of you! At the moment I’m not sure about how I will go about doing this. I will either upload random videos in their raw state to the channel, or I will edit them into ‘video logs’ that will complement what I write about on here, or both! So with that said, I encourage you to head over to and subscribe if you don’t want to miss out Smile with tongue out.

So where to from here? My next (hopefully soon) update will be an overview of Kansai Gaidai’s application process, at least in terms of the initial stage of applying to attend there. From there I will attend my pre-departure session, and how I proceed from there will be at the discretion of Kansai Gaidai Winking smile.